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Dimitrie Cantemir

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Short desc: Dimitrie Cantemir

Things in this design:
person Dimitrie Cantemir

This design is used by 5 stamps: (See all uses as list)
semipostal 6/8/1938 0.25+0.25L olblk issue=8th anniversary of accession of King Carol II wmk=crowns&monograms perf=13.5
6/25/1973 1.75l issue=Dimitrie Cantemir 300th perf=13.5
9/16/2009 3.00l issue=Romania - A European Treasure perf=13.5
7/17/2018 11.50l issue=Famous Romanians (II) perf=14
7/17/2018 11.50l issue=Famous Romanians 2018 b perf=13.5

All are Romania

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