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Arms of Albania (1920)

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Short desc: Arms of Albania (1920)

Things in this design:
arms Arms of Albania

This design is used by 21 stamps:See all uses as list
Albania 1920 2q org issue=1920c ovpt=posthorn oc=blk on=2q-org-unissued
Albania 1920 5q grn issue=1920c ovpt=posthorn oc=blk on=5q-grn-unissued
Albania 1920 10q red issue=1920c ovpt=posthorn oc=blk on=10q-red-unissued
Albania 1920 25q ltbl issue=1920c ovpt=posthorn oc=blk on=25q-ltbl-unissued
Albania 1920 50q graygrn issue=1920c ovpt=posthorn oc=blk on=50q-graygrn-unissued
Albania 1920 1fr cl issue=1920c ovpt=posthorn oc=blk on=1fr-cl-unissued
Albania 1921 2q org ovpt=BESA in scroll oc=blk on=2q-org-unissued
Albania 1921 5q grn ovpt=BESA in scroll oc=blk on=5q-grn-unissued
Albania 1921 10q red ovpt=BESA in scroll oc=blk on=10q-red-unissued
Albania 1921 25q ltbl ovpt=BESA in scroll oc=blk on=25q-ltbl-unissued
Albania 1921 50q graygrn ovpt=BESA in scroll oc=blk on=50q-graygrn-unissued
Albania 1921 1fr cl ovpt=BESA in scroll oc=blk on=1fr-cl-unissued
Albania 1922 1q org ovpt=Q 1(boxed) oc=blk on=1921-2q
Albania 1922 5q grn ovpt=BESA(boxed) oc=blk on=5q-grn-unissued
Albania 1922 10q red ovpt=BESA(boxed) oc=blk on=10q-red-unissued
Albania 2q org unissued
Albania 5q grn unissued
Albania 10q red unissued
Albania 25q ltbl unissued
Albania 50q graygrn unissued
Albania 1fr cl unissued

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