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Acraea zetes

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Short desc: Acraea zetes

Things in this design:
butterfly Acraea zetes

This design is used by 6 stamps:See all uses as list
Gambia 1/3/1980 25b issue=Abuko Nature Reserve dt=butterflies (1985 Gambia)
Democratic Republic of the Congo 6/22/2001 25fr issue=African Butterflies 2001 dt=African Butterflies (2001 Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Sierra Leone 9/5/1995 300le issue=Singapore '95 b
Guinea 8/27/2001 4000fr issue=PhilaNippon '01 b dt=Butterflies of the World (2001 Guinea)
Guinea 12/27/2002 5000fr issue=Scouts and Butterflies
Gambia 12/30/2009 15d issue=Butterflies 2009

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