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Ginkgo biloba

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Short desc: Ginkgo biloba

Things in this design:
tree Ginkgo biloba

This design is used by 6 stamps: (See all uses as list)
China, PRC 3/31/1981 8f dt=miniature landscapes perf=11.75x11.5
Uganda 11/25/1991 100sh dt=Botanical Gardens of the World perf=14.5
China, PRC 3/12/2006 80f dt=Living Plant Fossils perf=12.25x12.5
Japan 5/25/2012 50y issue=National Land Afforestation 2012 perf=13
Azores region 10/23/2015 E20g
France 8/3/2018 Lettre prioritaire issue=Trees 2018

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