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Hekla design type

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Short desc: Hekla

Things in this design type:
mountain Hekla

Used by 8 stamps: See all uses as list
Iceland 12/3/1948 12a blkvio d=middle
Iceland 12/3/1948 25a grn d=distant view of Hekla
Iceland 12/3/1948 35a carrose d=closeup
Iceland 12/3/1948 50a choc d=middle
Iceland 12/3/1948 60a ultra d=closeup
Iceland 12/3/1948 1k orgbrn d=distant view of Hekla
Iceland 12/3/1948 10k vioblk d=distant view of Hekla
Iceland 3/31/1954 5a carrose d=closeup oc=blk on=1948-35a-carrose