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Anniversaries (1997) design type

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Short desc: Anniversaries (1997)

Used by 24 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Ireland 7/1/1997 28p issue=The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Ka
Ireland 7/1/1997 28p issue=The 1400th Anniversary of the Death of S perf=14.25x14.75
Ireland 7/1/1997 32p issue=Daniel O'Connell death 150th d=Daniel O'Connell (1997)
Ireland 7/1/1997 52p d=The 250th Anniversary of the First Visit
Hungary 1/16/1997 27ft
Hungary 1/16/1997 27ft
Luxembourg 3/3/1997 16fr issue=40th Anniversary of the Signing of the perf=11.5
Luxembourg 3/3/1997 20fr issue=75th Anniversary of Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union perf=11.5
Luxembourg 5/12/1997 16fr issue=The 200th Anniversary of the Ducal Genda
Luxembourg 5/12/1997 16fr issue=75th Anniversary of Union des Societes Avicoles
Spain 4/22/1997 32pta issue=100th Anniversary of Bilbao Technical d=Vizcaya Bridge - Bilbao perf=14x13.75
Spain 4/22/1997 194pta issue=5th Anniversary of the High Speed Train d=Atocha Station - Madrid perf=14x13.75
Spain 7/24/1997 21p issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Antonio Cánovas del Castillo d=Antonio Cánovas del Castillo perf=14x13.75
Spain 7/24/1997 32pta issue=2000th Anniversary of Elche perf=14x13.75
Spain 7/24/1997 65Pta issue=200th Anniversary of the Defense of
Spain 9/12/1997 32pta d=The 50th Anniversary of the Death of Mar perf=14x13.75
Spain 9/12/1997 65Pta d=The 111th Anniversary of the Birth of Jo perf=14x13.75
Spain 9/24/1997 21p perf=14x13.75
Spain 9/24/1997 32pta perf=14x13.75
Spain 9/24/1997 65Pta rose&grayvio
Equatorial Guinea 1997 500fr issue=Franz Schubert 200th
Equatorial Guinea 1997 500fr issue=Year of the Ox 1997
Equatorial Guinea 1997 500fr issue=Johannes Brahms death 100th
Equatorial Guinea 1997 800fr issue=M. de Cervantes Saavedra 450th