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birds of Zambia design type

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  • Colnect-938-669-White-fronted-Bee-eater-Merops-bullockoides.jpg
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Short desc: birds of Zambia

Things in this design type:
animal bird

Used by 8 stamps: See all uses as list
Zambia 8/12/2002 700k d=Merops bullockoides
Zambia 8/12/2002 1200k d=Merops persicas
Zambia 8/12/2002 1400k d=Merops boehmi (2002)
Zambia 8/12/2002 1500k d=Merops pusillus cyanostictus
Zambia 12/26/2003 1000k d=Merops bullockoides
Zambia 12/26/2003 1200k d=Merops pusillus cyanostictus
Zambia 12/26/2003 1500k d=Merops persicas
Zambia 12/26/2003 1800k d=Merops boehmi (2003)