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arms of towns (2002) design type

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Short desc: arms of towns (2002)

Things in this design type:
symbol arms
place town (syn. of city)

Used by 9 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Latvia 1/28/2002 5s d=arms of Ludza
Latvia 1/28/2002 10s d=arms of Dobele
Latvia 1/28/2002 15s d=arms of Sigulda
Latvia 2/15/2003 10s d=arms of Balvi
Latvia 2/15/2003 15s d=arms of Gulbene
Latvia 2/15/2003 20s d=arms of Ventspils
Latvia 2/14/2004 5s d=arms of Valka
Latvia 2/14/2004 15s d=arms of Cesis
Latvia 2/14/2004 20s d=arms of Saldus