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sights of Spain (1982) design type

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  • Colnect-175-497-Bank-of-Spain-Madrid.jpg
  • Colnect-175-498-Christ-of-the-Expiration-Sevilla.jpg
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  • Colnect-175-500-San-Andr-eacute-s-Gate-Zamora.jpg
Short desc: sights of Spain (1982)

Used by 5 stamps: See all uses as list
Spain postage 11/5/1982 4p multi dt=sights of Spain (1982) d=Arab waterwheel Alcantarilla Murcia unwmk
Spain postage 11/5/1982 6p multi dt=sights of Spain (1982) d=Banc of Spain Madrid unwmk
Spain postage 11/5/1982 9p multi dt=sights of Spain (1982) d=Christ of the Expiration Sevilla unwmk
Spain postage 11/5/1982 14p multi dt=sights of Spain (1982) d=Moorish Tower of San Martín Teruel unwmk
Spain postage 11/5/1982 33p multi dt=sights of Spain (1982) d=San Andrés Gate Zamora unwmk