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Type: stamp Issuer: Afghanistan Date: 1989 Denom: ?
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49 matches:
postage 25af multi issue=Bicentenary of French Revolution unwmk
postage 1af multi issue=Tourism 1989 d=mosque unwmk
postage 2af multi issue=Tourism 1989 d=minaret unwmk
postage 3af multi issue=Tourism 1989 d=Buzkashi (1989) unwmk
postage 4af multi issue=Tourism 1989 d=Jet over Hendo Kush unwmk
postage 1/4/1989 4af multi issue=2nd Anniversary of the National Reconciliation d=Reconciliation unwmk
postage 2/2/1989 2af multi issue=Chess d=bishop unwmk
postage 2/2/1989 3af multi issue=Chess d=chess queen (1989) unwmk
postage 2/2/1989 4af multi issue=Chess d=King unwmk
postage 2/2/1989 7af multi issue=Chess d=King unwmk
postage 2/2/1989 16af multi issue=Chess d=knight unwmk
postage 2/2/1989 24af multi issue=Chess d=pawn (1989) unwmk
postage 2/2/1989 45af multi issue=Chess d=bishop unwmk
postage 2/13/1989 4af multi dt=paintings by Picasso (1989) d=The Old Jew unwmk
postage 2/13/1989 6af multi dt=paintings by Picasso (1989) d=The Two Mountebans unwmk
postage 2/13/1989 8af multi dt=paintings by Picasso (1989) d=Portrait of Ambrouse Vollar unwmk
postage 2/13/1989 22af multi dt=paintings by Picasso (1989) d=Woman of Majorca unwmk
postage 2/13/1989 35af multi dt=paintings by Picasso (1989) d=Acrobat on the Ball unwmk
postage 2/20/1989 3af multi dt=fauna (1989) d=Allactaga euphratica unwmk
postage 2/20/1989 4af multi dt=fauna (1989) d=Equus hemionus unwmk
postage 2/20/1989 14af multi dt=fauna (1989) d=Felis lynx unwmk
postage 2/20/1989 35af multi dt=fauna (1989) d=Gypaetus barbatus (1989) unwmk
postage 2/20/1989 44af multi dt=fauna (1989) d=Capra falconeri (1989) unwmk
postage 2/20/1989 100af multi dt=fauna (1989) d=Naja oxiana (1989) unwmk
postage 3/18/1989 8af multi issue=Women's Day 1989 unwmk
postage 3/21/1989 1af multi issue=Agriculture Day 1989 d=cattle (1989) unwmk
postage 3/21/1989 2af multi issue=Agriculture Day 1989 d=Old & new plows unwmk
postage 3/21/1989 3af multi issue=Agriculture Day 1989 d=Field workers unwmk
postage 3/23/1989 27af multi issue=World Meteorology Day 1989 d=Satellite dish unwmk
postage 3/23/1989 32af multi issue=World Meteorology Day 1989 d=emblems unwmk
postage 3/23/1989 40af multi issue=World Meteorology Day 1989 d=Weather station unwmk
postage 4/27/1989 20af multi issue=11th Anniversary of the Saur Revolution d=Saur Revolution unwmk
postage 5/30/1989 42af multi issue=Teacher's Day 1989 unwmk
postage 8/3/1989 3af multi issue=10th Anniversary of the APT d=Pylon unwmk
postage 8/3/1989 27af multi issue=10th Anniversary of the APT d=Emblem & satellite disk unwmk
postage 8/18/1989 25af multi issue=Independence Day 1989 unwmk
postage 8/30/1989 3af multi issue=Pashtunistan & Balutchistan Day 1989 unwmk
postage 12/5/1989 3af multi dt=birds (1989 Afghanistan) d=Eurasian Spoonbill  unwmk
postage 12/5/1989 5af multi dt=birds (1989 Afghanistan) d=purple swamphen (1989) unwmk
postage 12/5/1989 10af multi dt=birds (1989 Afghanistan) d=Eurasian bittern (1989) unwmk
postage 12/5/1989 15af multi dt=birds (1989 Afghanistan) d=Great white pelican unwmk
postage 12/5/1989 20af multi dt=birds (1989 Afghanistan) d=red-crested pochard unwmk
postage 12/5/1989 25af multi dt=birds (1989 Afghanistan) d=mute swan (1989) unwmk
postage 12/5/1989 30af multi dt=birds (1989 Afghanistan) d=great cormorant (1989) unwmk
postage 12/30/1989 5af multi dt=classic automobiles (1989) d=1910 Duchs Germany unwmk
postage 12/30/1989 10af multi dt=classic automobiles (1989) d=1911 Ford US unwmk
postage 12/30/1989 20af multi dt=classic automobiles (1989) d=1911 Renault France unwmk
postage 12/30/1989 25af multi dt=classic automobiles (1989) d=1911 Russo-Balte Russia unwmk
postage 12/30/1989 30af multi dt=classic automobiles (1989) d=1926 Fiat unwmk

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