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Type: stamp Issuer: Kiribati Date: 1984 Denom: ? (#43537)
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13 matches:
postage 2/14/1984 12c multi issue=Island Maps 1984 d=Captain Fanning's Ship "Betsey", 1798
postage 2/14/1984 30c multi issue=Island Maps 1984 d=Eretmochelys imbricata (1984 Kiribati)
postage 2/14/1984 35c multi issue=Island Maps 1984 d=Kanton
postage 2/14/1984 50c multi issue=Island Maps 1984 d=flying fish & map of Banaba
postage 5/9/1984 12c multi issue=Kiribati Shipping Corporation d=Tug "Riki"
postage 5/9/1984 35c multi issue=Kiribati Shipping Corporation d=Ferry "Nei Nimanoa"
postage 5/9/1984 50c multi issue=Kiribati Shipping Corporation d=Ferry "Nei Tebaa"
postage 5/9/1984 $1 multi issue=Kiribati Shipping Corporation d=Cargo Ship "Nei Momi"
postage 8/21/1984 50c multi issue=Ausipex '84
postage 11/21/1984 12c multi issue=Kiribati Legends 1984 d=Tabakea supporting Banaba on his back
postage 11/21/1984 30c multi issue=Kiribati Legends 1984 d=Nakaa, judge of the dead
postage 11/21/1984 35c multi issue=Kiribati Legends 1984 d=Naareauand Tiku-Tiku
postage 11/21/1984 50c multi issue=Kiribati Legends 1984 d=Whistling Ghosts

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