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Type: stamp Issuer: Upper Volta Date: 1983 Denom: ? (#39371)
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12 matches:
postage 4/15/1983 90fr multi issue=200th Anniversary of Aviation d=John Jeffries Channel crossing unwmk
postage 7/28/1983 30fr multi d=Pelmatochromis guentheri unwmk
postage 7/28/1983 40fr multi d=Fisherman with fishes unwmk
postage 9/15/1983 200fr multi issue=Fight again Desertification d=Hand und cut trees unwmk
postage 12/13/1983 120fr multi d=Self-portrait By Pablo Picasso unwmk
postage 12/13/1983 185fr multi d=Self-portrait by Edouard Manet unwmk
airmail 4/15/1983 100fr multi issue=Aviation Bicentenary d=Wilhelmine Reichardt unwmk
airmail 7/12/1983 90fr multi issue=launch of Space Shuttle Challenger unwmk
airmail 7/12/1983 120fr multi issue=World Cup 1982 winners unwmk
airmail 7/12/1983 300fr multi issue=World Cup 1982 winners unwmk
airmail 7/12/1983 450fr multi issue=Royal Wedding 1981 d=Recent events - Marriage of Prince Charles & Lady Diana 1 unwmk
airmail 12/30/1983 120fr multi issue=Christmas 1982 d=Adoration of the Shepherds, by Rubens unwmk

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