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Type: stamp Issuer: Slovakia Date: 2002 Denom: ?
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30 matches:
postage 6/24/2002 7sk multi issue=Technical monuments d=Old winemaking implements for laying down wine
postage 6/24/2002 9sk multi issue=Technical monuments d=Old winemaking implements for grape processing
postage 1/15/2002 10sk multi d=Juraj Papánek
postage 1/15/2002 14sk multi d=Bjornsterne Bjornson
postage 1/25/2002 18sk multi issue=Winter Olympics 2002
postage 2/8/2002 6sk multi issue=European Sled Dog Race Championship 2002
postage 2/15/2002 5.50sk multi issue=Easter 2002
postage 3/20/2002 12sk multi issue=First Slovak Gymnasium d=Grammar School Martin 1866
postage 3/20/2002 13sk multi issue=First Slovak Gymnasium d=Revuca
postage 3/20/2002 15sk multi issue=First Slovak Gymnasium d=Klástor pod Znievom
postage 4/18/2002 16sk d=Levoča
postage 5/6/2002 10sk multi d=Kezmarok
postage 5/6/2002 18sk multi d=Europa 2002
postage 6/26/2002 10sk multi dt=butterflies (2002 Slovakia) d=Southern Festoon
postage 6/26/2002 16sk multi dt=butterflies (2002 Slovakia) d=European Peacock
postage 6/26/2002 25sk multi dt=butterflies (2002 Slovakia) d=Old World Swallowtail
postage 7/4/2002 17sk multi d=Cardinal Alexander Rudnay
postage 7/4/2002 10sk multi issue=World Ice Hockey Champion 2002
postage 7/4/2002 6sk multi issue=Congratulations
postage 10/12/2002 6sk multi issue=Slovak - Chinese issue d=Terraces in Handan
postage 10/12/2002 12sk multi issue=Slovak - Chinese issue d=Bojnice Castle
postage 10/17/2002 6sk multi issue=Technical University of Kosice
postage 11/8/2002 5.50sk multi issue=Christmas 2002 d=Slovak Nativity scene from Rajecka Lesna
postage 11/15/2002 7.00sk multi issue=Splendours of our Homeland d=Church of St Michael, Klízske Hradiste
postage 11/15/2002 14.00sk multi issue=Splendours of our Homeland d=Rotunda of St George, Skalica
postage 11/15/2002 22.00sk multi issue=Splendours of our Homeland d=St Martin's Cathedral, Spisská Kapitula
postage 12/6/2002 20sk multi issue=Apollo 17 30th d=E.A. Cernan on Moon
postage 12/12/2002 23sk multi d=In the Atelier, by Koloman Soko
postage 12/18/2002 20sk multi d=Art - Master Paul from Levoca-The Deccolation of St James, the Older
postage 12/18/2002 10sk multi issue=Postage stamp Day - NITRAFILA

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