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Type: stamp Issuer: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croat administration Date: 2015 Denom: ? (#125755)
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postage 2/21/2015 1.50m multi issue=International Mother Language Day d=Ilija Jakovljevic
postage 2/7/2015 0.90m multi issue=70th Anniversary of the Murder of Herzegovinian Franciscans
postage 3/3/2015 1.00m multi issue=150th Anniversary of Death of Dr Father Mihovil Sucic
postage 3/25/2015 0.90m multi issue=Easter 2015
postage 4/5/2015 3.00m multi issue=Europa 2015
postage 4/5/2015 3.00m multi issue=Europa 2015
postage 4/6/2015 5.00m multi issue=International Day of Sport 2015
postage 5/12/2015 0.10m multi d=Ancient Complex in Rivine (Stolac)
postage 5/22/2015 2.90m multi d=Hemp
postage 6/1/2015 1.00m multi issue=Medjugorje 2015
postage 6/6/2015 0.90m multi issue=Visit of Pope Francis to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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