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Type: stamp Issuer: Macedonia Date: 1994 Denom: ? (#44301)
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postage 4/2/1994 2d multi issue=1994 surcharges d=++on=30d
postage 4/2/1994 8d multi issue=1994 surcharges d=++on=2.50d
postage 4/2/1994 15d multi issue=1994 surcharges d=++on=10d
postage 4/29/1994 2d multi issue=Easter 1994
postage 5/23/1994 8d multi dt=famous persons (1994) d=Kosta Racin
postage 5/23/1994 15d multi dt=famous persons (1994) d=Grigor Prlicev
postage 5/23/1994 20d multi dt=famous persons (1994) d=Nikola Vapcarov (1994)
postage 5/23/1994 50d multi dt=famous persons (1994) d=Goce Delcev
postage 6/21/1994 2d multi issue=Census 1994
postage 8/2/1994 5d multi issue=50th Anniversary of the Macedonian Liberation Council
postage 8/22/1994 8d multi issue=Swimming Marathon 1994
postage 9/12/1994 2d multi issue=150th Anniversary of Macedonian Postmark
postage 9/13/1994 2d multi issue=50th Anniversary of Macedonian News Papers
postage 9/29/1994 2d multi issue=50th Anniversary of the St. Kliment von Ohrid Library
postage 9/29/1994 10d multi issue=50th Anniversary of the St. Kliment von Ohrid Library
postage 12/26/1994 2d multi issue=50th Anniversary of Radio Macedonia
postage 12/26/1994 5d multi issue=Nature Preservation
postage 12/26/1994 10d multi issue=Nature Preservation

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