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Type: stamp Issuer: Madagascar Date: 1971 Denom: ? (#44328)
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17 matches:
postage 4/14/1971 5fr dt=economic development d=soap factory (1971) unwmk
postage 4/14/1971 15fr dt=economic development unwmk
postage 4/14/1971 15fr multi unwmk
postage 4/14/1971 50fr dt=economic development unwmk
postage 4/22/1971 5fr issue=meeting unwmk
postage 5/8/1971 25fr d=mobile rural post office unwmk
postage 6/25/1971 30fr d=de Gaulle unwmk
postage 7/23/1971 25fr dt=hotels d=Hotel Palm Beach unwmk
postage 7/23/1971 65fr dt=hotels d=Madagascar Hilton unwmk
postage 8/6/1971 3fr issue=forest preservation unwmk
postage 11/25/1971 5fr dt=houses unwmk
postage 11/25/1971 10fr dt=houses unwmk
postage 12/11/1971 50fr issue=UNICEF 25th unwmk
airmail 10/14/1971 25fr multi issue=1971 air d=Jean Ralaimongo unwmk
airmail 10/14/1971 65fr multi issue=1971 air d=Albert Sylla unwmk
airmail 10/14/1971 100fr multi issue=1971 air d=Ravoahangy Andrianavalara unwmk
airmail 11/13/1971 100fr multi issue=10th Anniversary of U.A.M.P.T. unwmk
Object 40926 ( postage 6/25/1971 30fr d=de Gaulle unwmk)

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