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Type: stamp Issuer: Madagascar Date: 1979 Denom: ? (#44322)
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postage 3/8/1979 40fr multi issue=Women - Pillar of Revolution unwmk
postage 6/1/1979 10fr multi issue=International Year of the Child unwmk
postage 7/6/1979 20fr multi dt=Local wildlife (1979) d=Testudo radiata (1979) unwmk
postage 7/6/1979 25fr multi dt=Local wildlife (1979) d=Lemur catta (1979) unwmk
postage 7/6/1979 95fr multi dt=Local wildlife (1979) d=Lemur macaco unwmk
postage 7/6/1979 125fr multi dt=Local wildlife (1979) d=Lemur macaco unwmk
postage 7/6/1979 1000fr multi dt=Local wildlife (1979) d=Cryptoprocta ferox unwmk
postage 7/25/1979 25fr multi issue=1st Anniversary of the Death of Jean Verdi Salomon Razakandraina unwmk
postage 9/27/1979 25fr multi d=Cantella asiatica unwmk
postage 10/12/1979 25fr multi issue=World Telecommunication Day 1979 unwmk
postage 11/9/1979 500fr multi issue=Stamp Day 1979 unwmk
postage 12/12/1979 50fr multi issue=20th Anniversary of ASECNA unwmk
airmail 11/29/1979 60fr multi issue=International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People unwmk

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