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Type: stamp Issuer: Austria Date: 2018 Denom: ? (#136085)
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postage 1/8/2018 1234 multi d=Succisa pratensis unwmk
postage 1/8/2018 1234 multi d=Butomus Umbellatus unwmk
postage 1/22/2018 80c multi d=Michael Thonet the Bugholz Bentwood Furniture Style unwmk
postage 1/22/2018 210c multi d=Viennese Tuba unwmk
postage 1/27/2018 125c multi d=Steyr 50 Baby unwmk
postage 2/15/2018 68c red d=Generations question - Two faces unwmk
postage 2/16/2018 68c multi issue=Dispenser 2018 d=K├Ârber Lake unwmk
postage 2/16/2018 80c multi issue=Dispenser 2018 d=Tavern selling homegrown wine unwmk
postage 2/16/2018 125c multi issue=Dispenser 2018 d=Falkenstein Castle unwmk
postage 2/16/2018 250c multi issue=Dispenser 2018 d=Giant Ice Caves Werfen unwmk
postage 2/22/2018 68c multi d=Big Head by Joannis Avramidis unwmk
postage 2/22/2018 210c multi d=Still life by Jan Davidsz de Heem unwmk
postage 3/3/2018 68c multi d=Pontic Azalea Rhododendron luteum unwmk
postage 3/3/2018 68c multi issue=Classics 2018 d=Definitives Lombardy-Venezia 1864 unwmk
postage 3/3/2018 220c multi issue=Classics 2018 d=Definitives Austria 1863 unwmk
postage 3/17/2018 220c multi d=KTM Grand Tourist 125 1955 unwmk
postage 4/13/2018 80c multi d=UCI Road World Championships Innsbruck 2018 unwmk
postage 4/13/2018 68c multi issue=300th birthday of Martin Johann Schmidt d=Martin Johann Schmidt (2018) unwmk
postage 4/14/2018 1.75c multi d=Passion 10 Church of Holy Spirit ViennaOttakring unwmk
postage 4/20/2018 1.70c multi d=Hotel Sacher Vienna unwmk
postage 5/6/2018 1.75c multi issue=650th anniversary of Austrian National Library unwmk

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