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Type: stamp Issuer: Wallis & Futuna Islands Date: 1974 Denom: ? (#45206)
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postage 7/29/1974 15fr multi dt=insects (1974) d=rhinoceros beetle unwmk
postage 7/29/1974 25fr multi dt=insects (1974) d=Cosmopolites sordidus unwmk
postage 7/29/1974 35fr multi dt=insects (1974) d=Ophideres fullonica unwmk
postage 7/29/1974 45fr multi dt=insects (1974) d=Pantala flavescens (1974) unwmk

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Page xlink: Colnect 245686-Cosmopolites_s..idus-Insect-Wallis_and_Futuna
Gallery xlink: Colnect Wallis and Futuna 1974 page 1

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