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Type: stamp Issuer: Slovenia Date: 1993 Denom: ? (#60866)
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38 matches:
postage 1/22/1993 7t multi issue=100th Birthday of Prezihov Voranc unwmk
postage 1/22/1993 51t multi issue=100th Deathday of Jozef Stefan unwmk
postage 1/22/1993 44t multi issue=50th Deathday of Rihard Jakopic unwmk
postage 2/18/1993 1t multi issue=1993 d=Gingerbread from Skofia Loka unwmk
postage 5/14/1993 2t multi issue=1993 d=Trstenke unwmk
postage 5/14/1993 5t multi issue=1993 d=Kozolec unwmk
postage 2/18/1993 6t multi issue=1993 d=Hut on the Velika planina unwmk
postage 2/18/1993 7t multi issue=1993 d=zither unwmk
postage 5/14/1993 10t multi issue=1993 d=Lonceni bajs unwmk
postage 5/14/1993 20t multi issue=1993 d=Hida v Prekmurju unwmk
postage 2/18/1993 44t multi issue=1993 d=Residential building in the karst unwmk
postage 5/14/1993 50t multi issue=1993 d=CrpaikaSecoveljske soline unwmk
postage 5/14/1993 100t multi issue=1993 d=Potica unwmk
postage 2/27/1993 7t multi d=The pipe maker founder of the Alpine Club Julian Alps unwmk
postage 2/27/1993 44t multi issue=100th Birthday of Joza Cop d=Triglav showing Cop route unwmk
postage 3/19/1993 7t multi issue=Slovenian Post Office 75th d=Stamp Juguslawia MiNr106 unwmk
postage 4/9/1993 7t multi issue=500 years of Novo Mesto Kollegiatskapitel d=Altarpiece from Tintoretto 1518-1594 unwmk
postage 4/9/1993 44t multi issue=500 years of Novo Mesto Kollegiatskapitel d=Arms of the Kollegiatskapitels unwmk
postage 4/29/1993 44t multi issue=Europa 1993 d=The table at Pompeii paintings of Mari Pregelj unwmk
postage 4/29/1993 159t multi issue=Europa 1993 d=Girls with toys painting by Gabrijel Stupica unwmk
postage 5/7/1993 44t multi d=Schwagerina carniolica unwmk
postage 5/21/1993 62t multi issue=Admission of Slovenia to UN unwmk
postage 6/22/1993 49t multi issue=Battle of Sisak 400th unwmk
postage 7/8/1993 36t issue=Mediterranean Games 1993 d=Basketball hurdles swimming unwmk
postage 7/12/1993 7t multi dt=cave animals d=Monolistra spinosissima unwmk
postage 7/12/1993 40t multi dt=cave animals d=Aphaenopidius kamnikensis unwmk
postage 7/12/1993 55t multi dt=cave animals d=Proteus anguinus unwmk
postage 7/12/1993 60t multi dt=cave animals d=Zospeum spelaeum unwmk
postage 7/30/1993 65t multi issue=SportEuropean Championships in dressage Lipizza unwmk
postage 8/25/1993 8t multi issue=C1993 d=Mill on the Mura unwmk
postage 8/25/1993 9t multi issue=C1993 d=Transport carriage unwmk
postage 10/29/1993 9t multi issue=300.Deathday of Johann Weikhard of Valvasor d=Family coat of arms Valvasor unwmk
postage 10/29/1993 65t multi issue=300.Deathday of Johann Weikhard of Valvasor d=Coat of arms of the Academy unwmk
postage 11/15/1993 9t multi issue=Christmas 1993 d=Slovenian family on a Christmas nativity scene a painting b-Christmas110Birthday of Maksim Gaspari unwmk
postage 11/15/1993 65t multi issue=Christmas 1993 d=Joze Pogaznik-Christmas110Birthday of Maksim Gaspari unwmk
postal tax 5/8/1993 3.50t multi d=Red Cross unwmk
postal tax 6/1/1993 3.50t multi d=Week of solidarity unwmk
postal tax 9/14/1993 4.50t multi d=Week of non smoking unwmk

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