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Type: stamp Issuer: Romania Date: 2020 Denom: ?
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postage 1/7/2020 1.80l multi issue=Flowers 2020 d=Tulipa sp.
postage 1/7/2020 1.90l multi issue=Flowers 2020 d=Narcissus sp.
postage 1/7/2020 2.20L multi issue=Flowers 2020 d=Persica vulgaris
postage 1/7/2020 2.70l multi issue=Flowers 2020 d=Dahlia sp.
postage 1/7/2020 3.30l multi issue=Flowers 2020 d=Papaver sp.
postage 1/7/2020 53.50L multi issue=Flowers 2020 d=Anemone sp.
postage 1/15/2020 5l multi issue=Famous Couples d=Mihai Eminescu, 1850-1889
postage 1/15/2020 11.50l multi issue=Famous Couples d=Veronica Micle, 1850-1189
postage 1/15/2020 28.50l multi issue=Famous Couples
postage 1/21/2020 1.40l multi issue=Romanian City - Botosani
postage 1/21/2020 1.90l multi issue=Romanian City - Botosani
postage 1/21/2020 5l multi issue=Romanian City - Botosani
postage 1/21/2020 19L multi issue=Romanian City - Botosani
postage 1/23/2020 8.50l multi issue=Year of the Rat 2020
postage 1/23/2020 28.50l multi issue=Year of the Rat 2020
postage 1/28/2020 1.80l multi issue=Polar Animals d=Canis lupus arctos
postage 1/28/2020 2l multi issue=Polar Animals d=Bubo scandiacus
postage 1/28/2020 7l multi issue=Polar Animals d=Vulpes lagopus
postage 1/28/2020 19L multi issue=Polar Animals d=Lepus arcticus
postage 2/7/2020 1.80l multi issue=Cats 2020 d=Persian Cat
postage 2/7/2020 2l multi issue=Cats 2020 d=Siamese cat
postage 2/7/2020 3.30l multi issue=Cats 2020 d=British Short Hair
postage 2/7/2020 5l multi issue=Cats 2020 d=British Blue
postage 2/7/2020 8.50l multi issue=Cats 2020 d=Bengal
postage 2/7/2020 11.50l multi issue=Cats 2020 d=Sphinx
postage 2/14/2020 8.50l multi issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Saint Nectarios of Aegina

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