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Type: stamp Issuer: Algeria Date: 1976 Denom: ? (#92783)
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postage 5/22/1976 0.50d bl&yel issue=30th Anniversary of Setif, Guelma and Kherrata Massacres unwmk
postage 1/24/1976 0.50d multi dt=Algerian birds (1976) d=Lagonosticta senegala (1976) unwmk
postage 1/24/1976 1.40d multi dt=Algerian birds (1976) d=Tchagra senegala cucullata unwmk
postage 1/24/1976 2.00d multi dt=Algerian birds (1976) d=Parus caeruleus ultramarinus unwmk
postage 1/24/1976 2.50d multi dt=Algerian birds (1976) d=Pterocles orientalis unwmk
postage 2/21/1976 1.40d multi issue=100th Anniversary of the Telephone d=early & modern telephones (1976) unwmk
postage 2/21/1976 0.50d multi issue=Solidarity with Republic of Angola d=map of Africa & flag of Angola unwmk
postage 3/13/1976 0.50d multi issue=Solidarity with the People of Western Sahara d=Arab child & Western Sahraoui map unwmk
postage 3/20/1976 1.40d multi issue=Stamp Day 1976 d=Postman before House letterbox unwmk
postage 4/24/1976 0.50d multi issue=Campaign Against Tuberculosis unwmk
postage 6/17/1976 0.50d multi issue=Sheep Raising unwmk
postage 6/27/1976 0.50d multi issue=National Charter d=Map of Algeria - Workers unwmk
postage 7/10/1976 0.50d multi issue=Solidarity with the Palestinian People d=Map & flag of Palestine unwmk
postage 10/1/1976 2.00d multi issue=2nd Pan-African Commercial Fair unwmk
postage 10/21/1976 1.20d multi issue=Rehabilitation of the Blind d=Blind Man working unwmk
postage 10/21/1976 1.40d multi issue=Rehabilitation of the Blind d="The Blind Man" - E. Dinet unwmk
postage 11/19/1976 2.00d multi issue=Constitution unwmk
postage 11/25/1976 1.40d multi issue=Protection against Saharan Encroachment unwmk
postage 12/16/1976 2.00d multi issue=Election of President Boumedienne unwmk

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