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Type: stamp Issuer: Upper Volta Date: 1966 Denom: ? (#12921)
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35 matches:
postage 10/1/1966 1fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Nemopistha imperatrix unwmk
postage 7/15/1966 2fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Python regius (1966) unwmk
postage 10/1/1966 3fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Sphodromantis lineola unwmk
postage 10/1/1966 4fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Staurocleis magnifica unwmk
postage 1/15/1966 5fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Phacochoerus aethiopicus (1966) unwmk
postage 10/1/1966 6fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Pandinus imperator unwmk
postage 7/15/1966 8fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Cercopithecus aethiops (1966) unwmk
postage 1/15/1966 10fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Camelus dromedarius unwmk
postage 1/15/1966 15fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Panthera pardus (1966 Upper Volta) unwmk
postage 1/15/1966 20fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Syncerus caffer nanus (1966) unwmk
postage 1/15/1966 25fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Choeropsis liberiensis unwmk
postage 7/15/1966 30fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Agama agama (1966) unwmk
postage 7/15/1966 45fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Bitis arietans unwmk
postage 7/15/1966 50fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Chamaeleo dilepis unwmk
postage 10/1/1966 60fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Ugada limbata unwmk
postage 1/15/1966 85fr multi issue=1966 dt=animals (1966) d=Loxodonta africana (1966 Upper Volta) unwmk
postage 3/23/1966 50fr multi issue=6th World Day of Meteorology d=Meteorological satellite unwmk
postage 4/9/1966 20fr multi issue=International Negro Arts Festival d=Mask of Do familiar spirit unwmk
postage 4/9/1966 25fr multi issue=International Negro Arts Festival d=African tribal mask unwmk
postage 4/9/1966 60fr multi issue=International Negro Arts Festival d=dancer (1966) unwmk
postage 4/15/1966 25fr multi dt=sacral buildings d=Bobo-Dioulasso mosque unwmk
postage 4/15/1966 25fr multi dt=sacral buildings d=Church at Po unwmk
postage 5/8/1966 25fr multi issue=Red Cross d=nurse & Red Cross emblem unwmk
postage 6/15/1966 10fr multi issue=Boy Scouts d=Boy Scouts at campfire unwmk
postage 6/15/1966 15fr multi issue=Boy Scouts d=Boy Scouts at observation post unwmk
postage 8/16/1966 25fr multi issue=Campaign against cattle plague d=cow being injected unwmk
postage 9/15/1966 25fr multi issue=Agricultural education d=plowing (1966) unwmk
postage 9/15/1966 30fr multi issue=Agricultural education d=Experimental station at Kamboince unwmk
postage 12/10/1966 50fr multi issue=UNESCO 20th anniversary unwmk
postage 12/10/1966 50fr multi issue=UNICEF 20th anniversary unwmk
airmail 3/5/1966 100fr multi d=WHO HQ unwmk
airmail 4/28/1966 250fr multi d=FR-1 satellite over Ouagadougou earth station unwmk
airmail 8/31/1966 25fr multi issue=1966 Air Afrique unwmk
airmail 11/5/1966 100fr multi issue=1st anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill unwmk
airmail 11/5/1966 100fr multi issue=Pope Paul VI appeal for peace at UN d=Pope Paul VI (1966 Upper Volta) unwmk

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