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Type: stamp Issuer: Upper Volta Date: 1967 Denom: ? (#39386)
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23 matches:
postage 2/4/1967 60fr multi issue=Europafrica unwmk
postage 1/2/1967 30fr multi d=arms of Upper Volta unwmk
postage 6/8/1967 5fr multi issue=12th Boy Scout World Jamboree d=Scout holding hat & Jamboree emblem unwmk
postage 6/8/1967 20fr multi issue=12th Boy Scout World Jamboree unwmk
postage 6/8/1967 100fr multi issue=12th Boy Scout World Jamboree unwmk
postage 7/1/1967 30fr multi issue=National Savings Bank unwmk
postage 10/15/1967 30fr multi issue=Stamp Day 1967 d=mailman on bicycle unwmk
postage 11/4/1967 30fr issue=Monetary Union unwmk
postage 11/28/1967 15fr multi issue=Winter Olympics 1968 d=St Nizier du Moucherotte unwmk
postage 11/28/1967 50fr issue=Winter Olympics 1968 d=Les Deux-Alpes unwmk
postage 11/28/1967 100fr multi issue=Winter Olympics 1968 d=Villard de Lans unwmk
airmail 2/28/1967 100fr multi issue=50 years Lions International unwmk
airmail 3/23/1967 50fr multi issue=World Day of Meteorology 1967 unwmk
airmail 4/18/1967 5fr multi issue=French space reasearch program d=Diamant rocket unwmk
airmail 4/18/1967 20fr multi issue=French space reasearch program d=FR-1 satellite unwmk
airmail 4/18/1967 30fr multi issue=French space reasearch program d=D-1 C Diadème 1 satellite unwmk
airmail 4/18/1967 100fr multi issue=French space reasearch program d=D-1 D Diadème 2 satellite unwmk
airmail 5/12/1967 250fr multi issue=2nd anniversary of the death of Albert Schweitzer unwmk
airmail 7/1/1967 30fr multi issue=Paintings 1968 dt=paintings (1968) d=Virgin & Child unwmk
airmail 7/1/1967 50fr multi issue=Paintings 1968 dt=paintings (1968) d=Lamentation of Christ Dirk Bouts unwmk
airmail 7/1/1967 100fr multi issue=Paintings 1968 dt=paintings (1968) d=Blessing Christ Giovanni Bellini unwmk
airmail 7/1/1967 250fr multi issue=Paintings 1968 dt=paintings (1968) d=The four Evangelists Jacob Jordaens unwmk
airmail 9/9/1967 100fr multi issue=African Postal Union 6th unwmk

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