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Type: stamp Issuer: Germany Date: 2011 Denom: 145c
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postage 1/3/2011 multi d=Kellerwald-Edersee national park unwmk
postage 5/5/2011 multi issue=150th Anniv. of Industry & Commerce Organisation (DIHK) unwmk
postage 7/7/2011 multi issue=150 years German shooting sport alliance unwmk
postage 10/13/2011 multi issue=175th Anniv. of Alto Pinakothek Museum, Munich unwmk
semipostal 1/3/2011 145+55c multi issue=Welfare 2011 dt=Themes by Loriot d=The Breakfast Egg unwmk
semipostal 4/7/2011 145+55c multi issue=Sports Aid 2011 d=hockey player (2011) unwmk
semipostal 8/11/2011 145+55c multi issue=youth 2011 d=Pleiades (2011) unwmk

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