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Type: stamp Issuer: Upper Volta Date: 1965 Denom: ? (#39387)
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postage 3/1/1965 10fr multi dt=birds (1965 Upper Volta) d=Hedydipna platura unwmk
postage 3/1/1965 15fr multi dt=birds (1965 Upper Volta) d=Panaeola chloropygia unwmk
postage 3/1/1965 20fr multi dt=birds (1965 Upper Volta) d=Cinnyris coccinigaster unwmk
postage 4/15/1965 5fr multi dt=waterfalls (1965) d=Comoe waterfall unwmk
postage 4/15/1965 25fr multi dt=waterfalls (1965) d=Banfora Falls unwmk
postage 7/15/1965 15fr multi issue=1st African Games d=soccer (1965) unwmk
postage 7/15/1965 25fr multi issue=1st African Games d=boxing (1965 Upper Volta) unwmk
postage 7/15/1965 70fr multi issue=1st African Games d=tennis (1965 Upper Volta) unwmk
postage 11/3/1965 50fr multi issue=100th anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln unwmk
postage 12/11/1965 25fr multi d=Maurice Yameogo unwmk
airmail 3/1/1965 500fr multi dt=birds (1965 Upper Volta) d=Coracias abyssinica (1965) unwmk
airmail 3/23/1965 50fr multi issue=World Meteorological Day 1965 unwmk
airmail 5/17/1965 100fr multi issue=ITU Centenary unwmk
airmail 6/21/1965 25fr multi issue=International Cooperation Year unwmk
airmail 6/21/1965 100fr multi issue=International Cooperation Year unwmk
airmail 8/9/1965 60fr multi dt=animals (1965 Upper Volta) d=sacred Sabou crocodile unwmk
airmail 8/9/1965 85fr multi dt=animals (1965 Upper Volta) d=lion (1965) unwmk
airmail 9/15/1965 30fr multi d=Early Bird satellite over globe unwmk

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