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1st Anniversary of Independence issue of Palau

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Short desc: 1st Anniversary of Independence

Issuer: Palau
Date: 10/1/1995
Occasion: Independence (Palau)
Number/Year: 1
Joint issue: Republic of Palau

Consists of 5 stamps: (See stamps as list)

20c d=Palau Fruit-dove, flag of Palau
20c d=Rock Islands, flag of Palau
20c d=map of Palau, flag of Palau
20c d=Orchid, hibiscus, flag of Palau
32c d=Fishes, Sea Snail, flag of Palau

All are perf=14

Issues with this name: Belize (1982), Chad (1961), Comoro Islands (1976), Palau, St. Kitts (1984), South Sudan (2012), Syria (1942)

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