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1954 issue of St. KittsNevis

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Short desc: 1954

Issuer: St. KittsNevis
Dates: 3/1/1954 - 7/3/1956

Consists of 15 stamps: (See stamps as list)

7/3/1956 1/2c grayol d=Salt Pond & Queen Elizabeth II
1c org&grn d=Bath House and Spa, Nevis & Queen Elizabeth II
2c grn d=Warner Park & Queen Elizabeth II
3c pur&red d=Map of the islands & Queen Elizabeth II
4c red d=Brimstone Hill St Kitts & Queen Elizabeth II
5c graygrn&bl d=Nevis from the sea, north & Queen Elizabeth II
6c viobl d=Pinney's Beach, Nevis & Queen Elizabeth II
8c dkgray d=Sombrero Lighthouse & Queen Elizabeth II
12c redbrn&bl d=Sir Thomas Warner's Tomb & Queen Elizabeth II
24c red&blkbrn d=Old Road Bay St Kitts & Queen Elizabeth II
48c viobrn&olyel d=picking cotton & Queen Elizabeth II
60c blgrn&org d=The Treasury, St. Kitts & Queen Elizabeth II
$1.20 blvio&blgrn d=Salt Pond & Queen Elizabeth II
$2.40 redorg&blk d=map showing Anguilla & Queen Elizabeth II
$4.80 red&grn d=sugar factory, St. Kitts & Queen Elizabeth II

All are wmk=mult crown & script CA perf=12.5

Issues with this name: Kathiri State of Seiyun, Algeria, Argentina, Bahamas, Basutoland, Brazil, British Guiana, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, Ceylon, China, PRC, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Falkland Islands Dependencies, Finland, France, French Morocco, Berlin, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Ifni, Iran, Trieste, Jordan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Lebanon, Mexico, Monaco, Nauru, Netherlands New Guinea, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, St. KittsNevis, El Salvador, South West Africa, Spain, Spanish Morocco, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Uruguay

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