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George V pictorials issue of Bermuda

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Short desc: George V pictorials

Issuer: Bermuda
Dates: 4/14/1936 - 11/12/1940

Consists of 11 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/2p grn d=Hamilton harbor perf=12
1p scar&blk d=south shore & King George V perf=12
1 1/2p brn&blk d=south shore & King George V perf=12
2p ltbl&blk d=yacht Lucie perf=12
1/20/1938 2p blkbrn<bl d=yacht Lucie perf=12
11/12/1940 2p red&ultra d=yacht Lucie
2 1/2p dkbl<bl d=Grape Bay & King George V perf=12
3p car&blk d=cottage perf=12
6p vio&roselake d=Par-la-Ville perf=12
1sh grn d=Grape Bay & King George V perf=12
1sh6p brn d=Hamilton harbor perf=12

All are wmk=mult crown & script CA

Issues with this name: Bermuda, British Guiana (1934), Cayman Islands (1935), Ceylon (1935), Cyprus (1934), Grenada (1934), Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania (1935), Nigeria

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