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oil industry issue of Bolivia

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Short desc: oil industry

Issuer: Bolivia
Date: 10/9/1955
Occasion: unset

Consists of 10 stamps: (See stamps as list)

postage 10b d=oil refinery (1955)
postage 35b d=oil refinery (1955)
postage 40b d=oil refinery (1955)
postage 50b d=oil refinery (1955)
postage 80b d=oil refinery (1955)
airmail 55b d=oil derricks
airmail 70b d=oil derricks
airmail 90b d=oil derricks
airmail 500b d=oil derricks
airmail 1000b d=oil derricks

All are wmk=unwmk

Issues with this name: Bolivia, China, PRC (1964), Ecuador (1972), Monaco (1983), Venezuela (1960), Vietnam (1988)

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