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Marian Year issue of Spain

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  • Colnect-576-367-Our-Lady-of-Bego-ntilde-a-Bilbao.jpg
  • Colnect-169-308-Our-Lady-of-the-Forsaken-Valencia.jpg
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Short desc: Marian Year

Issuer: Spain
Date: 7/18/1954
Occasion: Marian Year

Consists of 10 stamps: (See stamps as list)

10c dkcar d=Virgin by Cano perf=14
15c dkyelgrn d=Our Lady of BegoƱa Bilbao perf=14
25c vio d=Our Lady of the Forsaken Valencia perf=14
30c olbrn d=The Black Virgin of Montserrat perf=14
50c sep d=Our Lady of the Pillar Zaragoza perf=14
60c grayol d=Our Lady of Covadonga perf=14
80c blkgrn d=La Virgen de los Reyes Andalusia perf=14
1p blkvio d=Our Lady of Almudena Madrid perf=14
2p redbrn d=Our Lady of Africa Tenerife perf=14
3p bl d=Our Lady of Guadalupe perf=14

All are postage wmk=unwmk

Issues with this name: Dominican Republic, Monaco (1955), Spain, Vatican City

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