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1945 due issue of Vatican City

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Short desc: 1945 due

Issuer: Vatican City
Date: 8/16/1945

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5c blk&yel
5c blk&yel d=Greyish Paper
20c blk&viogray
20c blk&viogray d=Greyish Paper
80c blk&rose
80c blk&rose d=Greyish Paper
1l blk&dlgrn
1l blk&dlgrn d=Greyish Paper
2l blk<bl
2l blk<bl d=Greyish Paper
5l blk&dlgrn
5l blk&dlgrn d=Greyish Paper

All are postage due

Issues with this name: Austria, Hungary, Lebanon, New Zealand, Poland, Portuguese Africa, San Marino, Vatican City

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