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1957 surcharges issue of Bolivia

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  • Colnect-850-230-Arms.jpg
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  • Colnect-850-231-Legislative-Palace.jpg
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  • Colnect-850-148-Gate-of-the-Sun-and-Llama.jpg
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  • Colnect-2968-457-La-Gasca-ordering-Mendoza-to-found-La-Paz.jpg
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  • Colnect-850-150-Church-of-San-Francisco-La-Paz.jpg
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Short desc: 1957 surcharges

Issuer: Bolivia
Date: 2/14/1957

Consists of 20 stamps: (See stamps as list)

postage 50b bl&blk d=La Gasca ordering Mendoza to found La Paz oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-3b
postage 100b org&blk d=communications building oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-2b
postage 200b oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-1b
postage 300b oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-1.40b
postage 350b oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-20c
postage 400b yelbrn&blk d=Avenue Camacho oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-40c
postage 600b org&blk oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-30c
postage 800b red&blk d=Consistorial Palace oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-50c
postage 1000b oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-10b
postage 2000b oc=blk on=issue=La Paz 400th-5b
airmail 100b multi d=arms
airmail 200b multi d=communications building
airmail 500b multi d=La Gasca ordering Mendoza to found La Paz
airmail 600b multi d=Legislative Palace
airmail 700b multi d=Gate of the Sun & llama
airmail 800b multi d=Avenue Camacho
airmail 900b multi d=Church of San Francisco La Paz
airmail 1800b multi d=La Paz
airmail 3000b multi d=La Paz
airmail 5000b multi d=La Paz

All are wmk=unwmk

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