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1960 provisional issue of Bolivia

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Short desc: 1960 provisional

Issuer: Bolivia
Date: 12/17/1960

Consists of 17 stamps: (See stamps as list)

50b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=1/2c-Sun Gate-unissued
100b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=1c-Sun Gate-unissued
300b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=5c-Sun Gate-unissued
350b gld&grn d=Sun Gate ovpt=Bs. 350 oc=blk on=10c-Sun Gate-unissued
400b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=15c-Sun Gate-unissued
500b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=20c-Sun Gate-unissued
500b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=50c-Sun Gate-unissued
600b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=22 1/2c-Sun Gate-unissued
600b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=60c-Sun Gate-unissued
700b gld&vio d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=25c-gld&vio-Sun Gate-unissued
700b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=1b-Sun Gate-unissued
800b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=30c-Sun Gate-unissued
900b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=40c-Sun Gate-unissued
1000b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=2b-Sun Gate-unissued
1800b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=3b-Sun Gate-unissued
4000b d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=4b-Sun Gate-unissued
5000b gld&gray d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=5b-gld&gray-Sun Gate-unissued

All are postage

Used by 1 stampdesc as issue:
issuer=Bolivia-issue=1960 provisional-350b

Issues with this name: Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Timor

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