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Charity issue of Mozambique

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Short desc: Charity

Issuer: Mozambique
Date: 12/1/1920
Occasion: unset

Consists of 18 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/4c ol perf=11.5
1/2c dkbrn perf=11.5
1c yelbrn perf=11.5
2c purbrn perf=11.5
3c dlvio perf=11.5
4c blgrn perf=11.5
5c perf=11.5
6c perf=11.5
7 1/2c redbrn perf=11.5
8c yel perf=11.5
10c vio perf=11.5
12c rose perf=11.5
18c car
24c brnvio
30c olgrn
40c orgred
50c yel
1e ultra

All are semipostal

Issues with this name: Ifni (1963), Mozambique

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