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1968 paintings issue of Romania

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  • Colnect-471-674--quot-Composition-quot--by-Teodorescu-Sion.jpg
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  • Colnect-474-810--quot-Sofia-Kretzulescu-quot--by-Tattarescu.jpg
  • Colnect-471-675--quot-The-Verdict-of-Paris-quot--by-Hendrik-van-Balen.jpg
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  • Colnect-471-676--quot-the-Secret-Engagement-of-the-Holy-Catherine-quot--by-Lamberto-Su.jpg
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  • Colnect-474-812--quot-Portrait-of-a-Man-Reading-quot--by-Memling.jpg
  • Stamp_1968_-_Stefan_Luchian-Mos_Nicolae_Cobzarul.jpg
  • Colnect-471-635--quot-Old-man-with-skull-in-his-right-Hand-quot--by-Dirck-Bouts.jpg
  • Colnect-471-677--quot-Maria-and-Jesus-quot--by-Jan-van-Bylert.jpg
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  • 1969._Vigee-Lebrun._Portretul_Doamnei_d%2527Aguesseau_%28stamp%29.jpg
  • Colnect-471-636--quot-Angelica-and-Medoro-quot--by-Sebastiano-Ricci-1659-1727.jpg
  • Colnect-471-678--quot-The-Summer-quot--by-Jakob-Jordaens.jpg
  • Colnect-474-774--quot-The-Three-Graces-quot--by-Johann-Hans-von-Aachen-1552-1616.jpg
  • Colnect-474-814--quot-Portrait-of-a-Lady-quot--by-Rembrandt.jpg
  • Colnect-471-637-Tizian---Ecce-Homo.jpg
Short desc: 1968 paintings

Issuer: Romania
Dates: 3/28/1968 - 10/1/1969

Consists of 27 stamps: (See stamps as list)

9/9/1968 10b dt=gold frame d=Reveille of Romania perf=13½
3/28/1969 10b dt=gold frame d=Tattarescu, Woman Carrying Jug perf=13½
10/1/1969 10b dt=gold frame d=Tintoretto School, Venetian Senator perf=13½
9/9/1968 20b dt=gold frame d=Sionion, Composition perf=13½
3/28/1969 20b dt=gold frame d=Pallady, Reclining Woman perf=13½
10/1/1969 20b dt=gold frame d=Sofia Kretzulescu perf=13½
9/9/1968 35b dt=gold frame d=Judgment of Paris, by Hendrick van Balen perf=13½
3/28/1969 35b dt=gold frame d=Tonitza, Seated Woman perf=13½
10/1/1969 35b dt=gold frame d=Velazquez, Phillip IV perf=13½
40b dt=gold frame d=Portrait of a Lady - M. Popp perf=13½
55b dt=gold frame d=Grigorescu, Little Girl with Red Kerchief perf=13½
9/9/1968 60b dt=gold frame d=Sustris, Mystical Betrothal of St, Catherine perf=13½
3/28/1969 60b dt=gold frame d=17th cent, Flemish, Venus and Amor perf=13½
10/1/1969 60b dt=gold frame d=Man Reading with Child - Memling perf=13½
1l dt=gold frame d=Luchian, Old Nicolas the zither player perf=13½
1.60l dt=gold frame d=Old man with skull in his right Hand by Dirck Bouts perf=13½
9/9/1968 1.75l dt=gold frame d=Madonna and Child with Fruit Basket, by Jan van Bylert perf=13½
3/28/1969 1.75l dt=gold frame d=Liberi, Diana and Endimion perf=13½
10/1/1969 1.75l dt=gold frame d=Mme. Vigée-Lebrun, Doamnei d'Aguesseau perf=13½
2.40l dt=gold frame d=Ricci, Medor and Angelica perf=13½
9/9/1968 3l dt=gold frame d=Jordaens, Summer perf=13½
3/28/1969 3l dt=gold frame d=Varotari, Three Graces perf=13½
10/1/1969 3l dt=gold frame d=Rembrandt, Portrait of a Woman perf=13½
3.20l dt=gold frame d=Titian, Ecce Homo perf=13½
5L dt=gold frame/souvenir sheet d=Titian, Ecce Homo imperf
3/27/1969 5L dt=gold frame/souvenir sheet d=Liberi, Diana and Endimion imperf
7/31/1969 5L dt=gold frame/souvenir sheet d=Licinio, Return of the Prodigal Son imperf

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