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2001 Birds of Prey issue of Tajikistan

  • Pandion_haliaetus_tajikistan_stamp.jpg
  • Aquila_chrysaetos_tajikistan_stamp.jpg
  • Gyps_himalayensis_tajikistan_stamp.jpg
  • Circaetus_ferox_tajikistan_stamp..jpg
  • Colnect-1103-088-Peregrine-Falcon-nbsp-Falco-peregrinus.jpg
Short desc: 2001 Birds of Prey

Issuer: Tajikistan
Date: 1/23/2001
Occasion: unset

Consists of 5 stamps: (See stamps as list)

10d d=Pandion haliaetus (2001 Tajikistan) perf=14
27d d=Aquila chrysaetos (2001) perf=14
50d d=Gyps himalayensis (2001) perf=14
70d d=Circaetus ferox perf=14
1s d=Falco peregrinus on souvenir sheet perf=14

All are postage multi wmk=unwmk

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