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1885 issue of Bolivar

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Short desc: 1885

Issuer: Bolivar
Date: 1885

Consists of 10 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5c bl perf=12
5c bl perf=16x12
10c mve perf=12
10c mve perf=16x12
20c red perf=12
20c red perf=16x12
80c grn perf=12
80c grn perf=16x12
1p org perf=12
1p org perf=16x12

All are d=Bolivar (1885)

Issues with this name: Victoria, Bolivar, Cundinamarca, Dominican Republic, Finland, Reunion, French offices in the Turkish Empire, Selangor, Malta, Mauritius, Monaco, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Straits Settlements, Timor, Transvaal

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