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1934 official issue of Germany

  • DR-D_1934-132_1942-166_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934-133_1942-167_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934_134_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934_135_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934-136_1942-170_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934-137_1942-171_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934_138_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934_139_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934_140_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934-141_1942-175_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934-142_1942-176_Dienstmarke.jpg
  • DR-D_1934_143_Dienstmarke.jpg
Short desc: 1934 official

Issuer: Germany
Date: 1/18/1934

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

3pf bis
4pf dlbl
5pf brtgrn
6pf dkgrn
8pf ver
10pf choc
12pf brtcar
15pf cl
20pf ltbl
30pf olgrn
40pf redvio
50pf orgyel

All are official d=swastika wmk=swastikas

Issues with this name: Chile, Germany, Hyderabad, Iraq, Liechtenstein, Mexico

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