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1911 reengraved issue of Bulgaria

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  • Colnect-3579-543-Tsar-Ferdinand.jpg
  • Colnect-2695-007-Tsar-Ferdinand-in-Admiral-s-uniform.jpg
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Short desc: 1911 reengraved

Issuer: Bulgaria
Date: 11/7/1915

Consists of 7 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1s ind d=Ruins of castle Tsar Asen
5s grn&brn d=Tsar Ferdinand (1915) perf=VARIOUS
10s redbrn&blk d=Tsar Ferdinand in Admirals uniform perf=14
15s olgrn d=Iskertal perf=11.5
25s ind&blk d=Tsar Ferdinand (1915) perf=11.5
30s olgrn&redbrn d=Rila monestery perf=VARIOUS
1l dkbrn

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