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Bourchier death issue of Bulgaria

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  • Colnect-3579-582-Bourchier-in-national-costume.jpg
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  • Colnect-5520-841-Bourchiers-Resting-Place-in-Rila-Monastery.jpg
Short desc: Bourchier death

Issuer: Bulgaria
Date: 12/31/1921
Occasion: unset

Consists of 9 stamps: (See stamps as list)

10s redorg d=Bourchier in Bulgarian costume
20s org d=Bourchier in Bulgarian costume
30s dkgray d=Bourchier portrait
50s blgray d=Bourchier portrait
1l vio d=Bourchier portrait
1 1/2l olgrn d=Rila Monastery
2l dpgrn d=Rila Monastery
3l prusbl d=Rila Monastery
5l redbrn d=Rila Monastery

All are perf=12

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