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new coinage issue of Falkland Islands

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  • Colnect-1675-872-Upland-Goose-Chloephaga-picta-leucoptera.jpg
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Short desc: new coinage

Issuer: Falkland Islands
Date: 12/31/1975
Occasion: (Falkland Islands) event

Consists of 5 stamps: (See stamps as list)

2p d=halfpenny coin & trout
5 1/2p d=coin & gentoo penguin
8p d=coin & Upland Geese
10p d=coin & albatross
16p d=10p coin & sea lions

All are dt=coins & animals perf=14.25

Issues with this name: Ascension (1984), Falkland Islands, Gibraltar (1989), Guyana (1977), Malawi (1965), Papua New Guinea, St. Helena (1984), Tuvalu (1976)

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