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1926 issue of Algeria

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Short desc: 1926

Issuer: Algeria
Dates: 1926 - 1939

Consists of 35 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c ol d=street in Kasbah
2c redbrn d=street in Kasbah
3c org d=street in Kasbah
5c blgrn d=street in Kasbah
10c brtvio d=street in Kasbah
15c orgbrn d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
20c dprose d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
20c grn d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
25c blgrn d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
1927 25c bl d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
1939 25c viobl d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
30c bl d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
1927 30c blgrn d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
35c dpvio d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
40c olgrn d=mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
45c viobrn d=La Pecherie mosque
50c bl d=La Pecherie mosque
1930 50c dkred d=La Pecherie mosque
60c yelgrn d=La Pecherie mosque
1927 65c blkbrn d=La Pecherie mosque
1938 65c ultra d=street in Kasbah
75c car d=La Pecherie mosque
1929 75c bl d=La Pecherie mosque
80c orgred d=La Pecherie mosque
1927 90c red d=La Pecherie mosque
1fr graygrn&redbrn d=Marabout
1.05fr ltbrn d=La Pecherie mosque
1927 1.10fr mag d=La Pecherie mosque
1.25fr dkbl&ultra d=Marabout
1927 1.50fr dkbl&ultra d=Marabout
2fr prusbl&blkbrn d=Marabout
3fr vio&org d=Marabout
5fr red&vio d=Marabout
1927 10fr olbrn&rose d=Marabout
1927 20fr vio&grn d=Marabout

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Issues with this name: Alaouites, Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Yunnan, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Niger, North Borneo, Norway, Poland, Saar, Samoa, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, United States, Uruguay, Yugoslavia, Zanzibar

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