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1936 issue of Algeria

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Short desc: 1936

Issuer: Algeria
Dates: 1936 - 1941

Consists of 31 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c ultra d=Sahara
2c dkvio d=Oued River
3c dkblgrn d=triumphal arch, Lambaesis
5c redvio d=view of Ghardaia
10c emer d=Admiralty Building
15c red d=Kings' Tombs
20c dkblgrn d=Sidi Bon Medine Cemetery
25c rosevio d=El-Kebir Mosque
30c yelgrn d=view of Ghardaia
40c brnvio d=Kings' Tombs
45c d=Sidi Bon Medine Cemetery
50c red d=Admiralty Building
65c redbrn d=Sahara
1937 65c rosecar d=Sahara
1939 70c redbrn d=Sahara
75c slbl d=Oued River
90c hennabrn d=triumphal arch, Lambaesis
1fr brn d=El-Kebir Mosque
1.25fr ltvio d=Admiralty Building
1939 1.25fr carrose d=Admiralty Building
1.50fr turqbl d=Oued River
1940 1.50fr rose d=Oued River
1.75fr hennabrn d=view of Ghardaia
2fr dkbrn d=triumphal arch, Lambaesis
2.25fr yelgrn d=Sahara
1941 2.50fr dkultra d=view of Ghardaia
3fr mag d=Sidi Bon Medine Cemetery
3.50fr pckbl d=El-Kebir Mosque
5fr slbl d=Admiralty Building
10fr hennabrn d=Oued River
20fr turqbl d=Kings' Tombs

All are dt=scenic (1936)

Issues with this name: Algeria, Andorra (Fr), Andorra (Sp), Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, Estonia, Italian occupation of Ethiopia, British offices in Morocco, French currency, British offices in Morocco, Spanish currency, Guatemala, Nabha, Iran, Ivory Coast, Latvia, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, St. Lucia, Canary Islands, Spanish Guinea, Straits Settlements, Surinam, Switzerland, Uruguay, Zanzibar

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