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1946 issue of FezzanGhadames

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Short desc: 1946

Issuer: FezzanGhadames
Date: 1946

Consists of 15 stamps: (See stamps as list)

10c blk d=Sebha Fort
50c rose d=Sebha Fort
1fr brn d=Sebha Fort
1.50fr grn d=Sebha Fort
2fr ultra d=Sebha Fort
2.50fr vio d=mosque & fortress of Murzuk
3fr rosecar d=mosque & fortress of Murzuk
5fr choc d=mosque & fortress of Murzuk
6fr dkgrn d=mosque & fortress of Murzuk
10fr bl d=mosque & fortress of Murzuk
15fr vio d=map & soldier & camel
20fr red d=map & soldier & camel
25fr sep d=map & soldier & camel
40fr dkgrn d=map & soldier & camel
50fr dpbl d=map & soldier & camel

All are perf=13

Issues with this name: Cape Juby, Northwest China Liberation Area, Denmark, Germany, MecklenburgVorpommern, Saxony West, Cochin, Venezia Giulia, Japan, North Korea, FezzanGhadames, Madagascar, Monaco, Netherlands Indies, Paraguay, Portuguese India, Romania, El Salvador, Spanish Morocco, Tunisia, Uruguay, Canal Zone

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