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Arch issue of Canada

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Short desc: Arch

Issuer: Canada
Dates: 1930 - 7/13/1931
Occasion: unset

Consists of 17 stamps: (See stamps as list)

7/17/1930 1c org d=King George V (arch) perf=12
12/6/1930 1c dpgrn d=King George V (arch) perf=12
6/6/1930 2c grn d=King George V (arch) perf=12
11/17/1930 2c red d=King George V (arch) perf=12
7/4/1931 2c brn d=King George V (arch) perf=12
6/24/1931 3c car d=King George V (arch) perf=12x8
7/13/1931 3c red d=King George V (arch) perf=12
11/5/1930 4c yelbis d=King George V (arch) perf=12
6/18/1930 5c vio d=King George V (arch) perf=12
11/13/1930 5c bl d=King George V (arch) perf=12
8/13/1930 8c bl d=King George V (arch) perf=12
11/5/1930 8c redorg d=King George V (arch) perf=12
10c olgrn d=Library of Parliament perf=12
12c dkgray d=Citadel at Quebec perf=12
20c brnred d=harvesting wheat perf=12
50c bl d=church at Grand Pre,Nova Scotia perf=12
$1 dkolgrn d=Mt Edith Cavell perf=12

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