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1906a issue of Ethiopia

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Short desc: 1906a

Issuer: Ethiopia
Date: 1/1/1906

Consists of 7 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5c grn d=Menelik II ovpt=value&amharic oc=blk on=1894-1/4g-grn
10c ver d=Menelik II ovpt=value&amharic oc=blk on=1894-1/2g-ver
20c bl d=Menelik II ovpt=value&amharic oc=blk on=1894-1g-bl
40c brn d=Menelik II ovpt=value&amharic oc=blk on=1894-2g-brn
80c lilbrn d=lion of Judah ovpt=value&amharic oc=blk on=1894-4g-lilbrn
1.60fr vio d=lion of Judah ovpt=value&amharic oc=blk on=1894-8g-vio
3.20fr blk d=lion of Judah ovpt=value&amharic oc=blk on=1894-16g-blk

All are perf=14x13.25

Issues with this name: Ethiopia, Haiti, Iran, El Salvador, Straits Settlements

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