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Michelangelo 500th issue of Gibraltar

  • Colnect-120-248-500th-Anniv-of-Michelangelo-s-Birth---The-Bruges-Madonna.jpg
  • Colnect-120-249-500th-Anniv-of-Michelangelo-s-Birth---The-Taddei-Madonna.jpg
  • Colnect-120-250-500th-Anniv-of-Michelangelo-s-Birth---Pieta.jpg
Short desc: Michelangelo 500th

Issuer: Gibraltar
Date: 12/17/1975
Occasion: Michelangelo birth
Number/Year: 500

Consists of 3 stamps: (See stamps as list)

6p d=Bruges Madonna perf=14
9p d=500th Anniv of Michelangelos Birth - The Taddei Madonna perf=14
15p d=500th Anniv of Michelangelos Birth - Pieta

All are wmk=mult crown & script CA

Issues with this name: Gambia, Germany, Gibraltar, Grenada, Hungary, Russia

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