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1976 issue of Spain

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Short desc: 1976

Issuer: Spain
Date: 7/15/1976

Consists of 17 stamps: (See stamps as list)

10c org
25c apgrn
30c bl
50c pur
1p emer
1.50p scar perf=12.75x13
2p dpbl perf=12.75x13
3p dpgrn perf=12.75x13
4p blgrn
5p carrose perf=12.75x13
6p brtgrn
7p ol perf=12.75x13
12p perf=12.75x13

All are d=King Juan Carlos I (1976)

Issues with this name: Antigua, Argentina, Ascension, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Cyprus, Ethiopia, French Southern & Antarctic Territories, Jersey, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Japan, Lesotho, Montserrat, Netherlands (1986), Niue, Portugal, Russia, St. Helena, Saudi Arabia (1990), Solomon Islands, Spain, Surinam, United Nations, Uruguay, Venezuela

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