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1932 issue of Andorra (Fr)

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Short desc: 1932

Issuer: Andorra (Fr)
Dates: 6/16/1932 - 3/15/1943

Consists of 56 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c grayblk d=Chapel of Meritxell
2c vio d=Chapel of Meritxell
3c brn d=Chapel of Meritxell
5c blgrn d=Chapel of Meritxell
10c dllil d=Bridge of St Anthony
15c dpred d=Chapel of Meritxell
20c ltrose d=Bridge of St Anthony
25c brncar d=St. Miguel d'Engolasters
25c brn d=Bridge of St Anthony
30c emer d=Bridge of St Anthony
40c ultra d=Bridge of St Anthony
1939 40c brnblk d=Bridge of St Anthony
45c ltred d=Bridge of St Anthony
1939 45c blgrn d=Bridge of St Anthony
50c ltvio d=St. Miguel d'Engolasters
1939 50c redvio d=Bridge of St Anthony
1940 50c grn d=Bridge of St Anthony
55c ltvio d=Bridge of St Anthony
6/1/1938 60c yelbrn d=Bridge of St Anthony
65c blgrn d=St. Miguel d'Engolasters
65c bl d=Bridge of St Anthony
7/12/1938 70c red d=Bridge of St Anthony
75c ultra d=St. Miguel d'Engolasters
1938 75c ultra
80c grn d=Bridge of St Anthony
1/1/1941 80c blgrn d=Gorge of St Julia
90c rose d=Gorge of St Julia
6/16/1939 90c dkgrn d=Gorge of St Julia
1fr blgrn d=Gorge of St Julia
6/1/1938 1fr scar d=Gorge of St Julia
6/16/1939 1fr dpultra d=Gorge of St Julia
1942 1.20fr brtvio d=Gorge of St Julia
1933 1.25fr car d=Church of Meritxell
6/1/1938 1.25fr d=Gorge of St Julia
1/1/1941 1.30fr dkviobrn d=Gorge of St Julia
1.50fr d=Andorra la Vella
1/1/1941 1.50fr red d=Gorge of St Julia
1933 1.75fr d=Gorge of St Julia
1938 1.75fr ind d=Gorge of St Julia
2fr d=Gorge of St Julia
1940 2fr red d=Chapel of Meritxell
1942 2fr dpgrn d=Chapel of Meritxell
2.15fr d=Gorge of St Julia
2.25fr d=Gorge of St Julia
2.40fr d=Gorge of St Julia
2.50fr d=Gorge of St Julia
1940 2.50fr ultra d=Gorge of St Julia
3fr d=Gorge of St Julia
1940 3fr redbrn d=Chapel of Meritxell
4fr d=Gorge of St Julia
4.50fr d=Gorge of St Julia
5fr d=Gorge of St Julia
10fr d=Andorra la Vella
15fr d=Gorge of St Julia
20fr d=Andorra la Vella
3/15/1943 50fr turqbl d=Bridge of St Anthony

Issues with this name: Afghanistan, Andorra (Fr), Angola, Austria, Belgium, Newfoundland, Colombia, Cook Islands, Danzig, Eritrea, Gabon, Jaipur, Inini, Rhodes, Jamaica, Manchukuo, Monaco, Mongolia, New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Romania, St. Pierre & Miquelon, El Salvador, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Spain, Venezuela, Yugoslavia

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